So my post from May had big hopes…that I didn’t follow through on.  My packing in May mostly seems to have involved Netflix and reading fiction because I scrambled to finish packing before I left with nothing on my blogs having gotten done.  While at my parents house for a week I did some updating and online errands but not as much as I wanted.  Now I am two weeks away from my volunteer job ending and 12 days of travel before I get back in the comfortable setting of my parents’ place.  While here I have seen a lot of things and I started doing some reading and listening to business related podcasts.  I have posted one blog post for my travel blog and posted a lot of pictures on my travel blog’s Facebook page but nothing on Twitter or (my newest social media option for travelers) Trover.
I need to go to a bar a few blocks away for good internet or get slow internet up the hill at my workplace so it is very un-motivating to try to get online here.  I go to the bar to try to do research or work tasks to find half of my coworkers sitting around having a few beers so I can be unsocial or be unfocused.  Also, when my coworkers are there, they have their smartphones out so the internet is slow anyways.  Also, I decided not to bring my heavy laptop and instead use my tablet and keyboard, which I’m barely comfortable with.  So many excuses.  I recently realized that I can create a blog post offline and post it later so I am currently in my room in the villa I share with another American and two Greek girls typing this up.

And…Now down to business.  I’ve decided that since I have nothing to do after work (7-4) except travel (and work saps my interest in that) I can use my spare time between work and supper with friends reading my business books and planning my strategy and business so I can get straight to work once I get my laptop and strong internet connection back.  Thanks to my downloaded podcasts I already have a lot of ideas and I’m currently reading the Suitcase Entrepreneur’s book.  I’m trying to go back and reevaluate my blogs to decide how I can market them and which to focus on as well as what digital products I can create.  First, however, I need to figure out my motivation and, as Natalie Sisson puts it, my “secret sauce”.  That is what I do best.  I do a lot of things okay, but what do I do best?  I like to research but am not the best at explaining things orally.  My sister says that I like to find connections between things that don’t seem connected and I do like that, but how do I market that?  I’ve researched social media marketing for years but putting all the facts and tips  in my head into action has obviously not worked since I finally got 30 followers just before this trip from a paid advertisement on my travel  blog’s Facebook page, not from organic traffic.  I’m now fluctuating around 40 followers on that page as I don’t have a focus on the blog nor page.  Natalie says that the perfect place for a business is “the intersection between what you’re good (or great) at, what you enjoy – or better yet – love doing, and what people will pay you for.” She call that place “your sweet spot” in her book.  So what does a mulipotentite like me ( a word I learned on a podcast interview), who can’t manage to focus on one thing for long, find for my sweet spot?  Have you found your sweet spot yet?  I need to sit down and think before I attempt to refocus my business and blogs.

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