Wow, I just reread the first bit of my last post.  Over two years ago I thought that I would get out of the Navy and start focusing on my blogs and social media.  That hasn’t happened.  Although I have been doing slightly better with social media over the last month, I’m WAY behind on my blogs and I’m better at posting pictures of my current project than writing status updates at all.  (The fact that I was in a ceramics class meant that I had deadlines to get my projects done so I just posted photo updates as I made them.  Hmm…if that worked for a few months, maybe I should try to apply that online…if I can figure out self-discipline.)

This is not meant to be an excuse, but more of a admission of being stupid and lazy.  I’ve been dabbling with blogs for over five years now and I’ve only made $0.27.  For years I’ve been calling my blogs “my business” but I’ve treated it like so many of my craft hobbies which I get excited with for a few hours or days before getting bored or thinking of another interesting idea to pursue.

Finals are this week, then I’ve got two weeks to pack, move, clean, and leave my apartment before a week at my parent’s place.  Then I head to a volunteer project in Greece followed by some travel before a month at my parent’s place.  Then I have a week in England before classes start.  All of that is on student loans, my savings is basically gone.  If I don’t have an income from the internet by January, I’ll need to force myself to get a part-time job in the real world and give up my dreams for travel during college breaks.  This week I need to focus on my exams then figure out what all my options are for e-business and where to focus for two weeks.  I want to figure out my brand, my focus, and update all my blogs before my summer starts.  I need to stop doing research and start working.

I discovered a website today that I like: .  I was searching for tips on building email lists and I came across this post of his: .  After reading his posts and advice, I realized that I like his version of complete honesty and that podcasts may be what I need for motivation. I can listen to them on the bus before I get home after my tests to help motivate me to get to work.

So…let’s see if I can start this again and keep it going…

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