I decided about three months ago to end this blog.  It is a time consuming blog that I wound up doing more research for than writing for.  Besides, I don’t want to create a business for myself creating and maintaining other people’s websites.  I want to be completely my own boss, creating things to my specifications, with the customer or user in mind.  However, I had some good articles on here and didn’t have time to copy them elsewhere, so I renewed this domain for another year.

Since I renewed this site, I might as well use it for something.  I’ll soon be done with the major certification for my current job and then I want to restart my various online businesses (meaning a number of blogs, stores, and article sites I haven’t touched in months).  To restart my online projects on solid footing, I am doing research on marketing and getting found online.  One of the big things I’m looking at is developing a serious presence on Twitter, which I’ve basically ignored.  I have an idea to start about three “professional” or targeted twitter names when I restart my business but for now I’ll experiment with my personal account.  I have 7 tweets, I’m following 27 people and have 13 followers.  I am going to use this blog as my journal of experiments, failures, successes, and lessons learned in social marketing, specifically on Twitter.  My first step will be to follow more people (trying to add another person I want to learn from each day) and try to create a relationship with follower.  That is a problem since I’ve never gotten the point of Twitter.  I just posted a request for Twitter tips, we’ll see what I receive.  Next I want to figure out how to start a conversation with my brother.  Is a conversation private or public on Twitter like it can be on Facebook?  I’ll see.  I should go for now, others are waiting for the computer.

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