Now that your website is set up to your satisfaction, it’s time to set up your social media connections.  Now a days social media is how people learn about new websites or products they may not see in stores.  All the big companies have social media pages such as Facebook or Twitter, most of the celebrities have accounts, and most marketing agencies will highly recommend that you get an account on a few sites.  MySpace used to be popular but has recently fallen out of popularity to Twitter and Facebook.

Facebook tends to be a place to interact with your followers.  You can put up images of products, recommend helpful articles, send out coupons, publish statuses of the everyday life of your business, and let your followers respond or put things on your “wall” for others to comment on.

Twitter is more of a way to get people curious about a link or a new product or just to write a quote you think your followers would like.  You only have a certain number of letters that can be used in each message so often the phrase is a teaser with a link to the full article or page.

Linked-In is aimed at business people so it is a good place to meet people in your niche and out of it to get referrals or to start partnerships on projects.

These are just three of the most known social media websites on the web.  You need to figure out where your target market hangs out and then decide which sites you have the time to keep up with.     Many marketers recommend that for every status you put out marketing your product or webpage, you should put out two or three statuses that help your audience.  Although social media is about being social and sharing, some businesses are not very well suited to that idea.  A Facebook page for a jewelry store has people “like” it because they like the brand and want to know what is new with that brand, they may not want “helpful” statuses suggesting other jewelry brands, articles on jewelry making, or tidbits about the designer’s life such as that her son is sick at home that day.  Another page designed to personalize the design line would be “liked” because people like the line and want to think they know the designer so hearing about the son or a romantic dinner with the husband or a gift the designer got from a friend would be a good way to not constantly be trying to sell something.  Keep in mind what your brand is, what you provide that others in your niche don’t provide, and build your social media plan around those ideas and guidelines.  You don’t want to annoy your followers with what they don’t want to know about, you want to provide them with things they’ll use and be interested in so they’ll stick around and tell friends.    Remember to connect your website to your social media profiles so it’s easy to follow you from your website and not a hassle.

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