Now that you’ve got your hosting set up and bought your URL, you need to set up your website.  There are two basic ways to do this: you can pay someone else to build your website or you can build it yourself.

If you pay someone else to build your site for you, it will save you a lot of time but you need to be careful.  You often get what you pay for online so if  you get a cheap site, it may not look much better than if you had made one yourself.  You may also pay a lot to someone who wants to create your site their way instead of listening to how you want it or you may pay a lot to someone who doesn’t really know what they’re doing.  Research carefully to find someone who will be willing to listen to you and able to make your site the way you want it for a good price.  Although they have been working with websites for a long time and may know what works well and what will hurt the website, it is ultimately your website and your decisions.

If you create your own website, it will be very time consuming and rather basic.  I’ve done two different ways of creating my websites: I programmed one myself and set the other ones up through  By creating the website through HTTP and C++, I learned a lot of things.  I tried learning the programming through websites and quickly decided to buy a basic book on creating a website step by step.  The book was very helpful and I enjoyed tweaking things to get the look I wanted but all I could do was the basic site with a few lines on a page, different backgrounds, and links with a few pictures.  Granted, if I had bought more than one book I probably could have done more but I decided to try creating a WordPress site.  Most hosting companies allow you to download the programming from easily to your hosting, allowing you to chose from hundreds of templates people have designed throughout the web and use hundreds of plugins.  It is easy to create a good website from the WordPress template with plugins to allow advertising or affiliate links easily in the website or content.  My favorite template is Flexibility, now in it’s third generation.  It has the basic template with ways to customize size, color, links, pages, posts, and connects with all the plugins used on WordPress.  It is very easy to get my site to look uniquely my own although I know very little programming(none is needed to use Flexibiilty3) and it’s a free template that can be used over and over again once you download it to your computer to upload to your website.     There are many other programs to help you create your own website but those are the ones I use and the process is the beginner’s choice the big gurus are pushing.  Just be sure you get plugins to avoid spam and share your blog or articles on social media sites, if you have content to share.

(Hint: is where the free blogs that people write on the site are. is where you download the program for self-hosted websites and any other templates or such designed by WordPress can be found.)

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