You are finally at the end of your business plan: the Appendix.  Here is where you put all the spreadsheets and data you didn’t want to put in the other sections like indepth industry analysis or printouts of competitor information or the detailed cash flow budget instead of the more basic budget you knew they’d want to read.

Now that you’ve finished the business plan, you need to create the Executive Summary.  Here you combine everything(name, mission plan, product, industry placement, niche market, target customer, financials like the funding request) into about two pages that shows your passion for the business and why the universe needs your company to exist.  This has to be very well written as many banks or investors will barely read the first page before deciding if they want to read the plan for your online business or throw it in their growing trash bin.  Some articles quote investors on saying that if the first two sentances don’t grab their attention, they won’t read any more of the Executive Summary, not to mention the rest of the business plan.

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