After your Marketing Plan section you need to explain your current plans and your future plans for your online business in your Operations and Developmental Plans section.  Here you go into how you will run your business and what you need to do before you can start your business.  You’ll need to go through your business and decide what you need to create your product, where you will get that material, how much you’ll need, how you will create the product, where you will store it, and how your materials and products will be stored until they are used or shipped out.  You’ll also want to talk about any copyrights or patents you have on your products and when those will expire.  Here is where you go in detail about your product such as life cycle, any problems with your product, how you will deal with any problems that occur such as things lost in the mail, or arriving broken, or any legal issues that may come such as improper use of the product resulting in injury or a lawsuit.  In these times of crazy lawsuits you can never be too careful and setting up a policy just in case is better than suddenly having problems and not knowing what to do.
The development part of this plan is your future goals.  What goals have you set and what products or expansion are you thinking you might take in the next five or ten years?  Life may be full of surprises but you want to show your reader or yourself that there is a reason to continue in the business or to finance it.  Goals and milestones also feel great when you can check them off the list and aim for the next step.

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