Once you’ve got your Industry Analysis section done, you’ll need to do your Marketing Plan section.  This is where you go into detail about your positioning in your niche market and why a customer will pay you instead of your competition.  You’ll want to extol the praises of your product for your reader as well as discuss your branding plans.  Next you will have to go into how you will reach your target market and what your advertising budget will be.  People with their business online have a lot of options for marketing.  You could do off line marketing such as putting up signs or fliers or buying ads in relevant magazines or newspapers, but I want to focus on advertising done online.  There are two basic types of online advertising: free and paid.  Free advertising takes a lot of time to build traffic.  Free advertising is such things as writing articles linking to your product, commenting on relevant forums and blogs, and using your social media presence to advertise your product or site.  Paid advertising is things like Google AdWords, Facebook marketing, and ads on other websites that you pay money for.  The problem with paid marketing is that it takes time to figure out the right wording combined with the correct placement on sites to get viewers to your product.  You could wind up spending hundreds of dollars trying different wording combinations while barely getting any return visitors.  However, careful analysis of keywords and sites can lower the price you pay for the results you get.
Something else to think about when planning your marketing campaign is that you can often get links and referals by merely making friends and developing relationships with others in your industry.  Some industries are very competitive but some, like the craft community on Etsy and the online guru industry, like to help each other out.  Often they will put links on their blog or site to a helpful or interesting article or blog post merely because their audience would like it and a friend they trust wrote it.  You can also use friends or similar blogs to do guest posts where you write a post that their audience reads and hopefully that audience clicks the link in your bio to see your page or product.
There are a lot of ways to market online and I’m sure you can read about or figure out more ways to market online but this section makes you research possibilities beforehand and help you decide how much time and money to budget to get the desires goals.

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