The third section of a business plan is Industry Analysis.  Here you will talk about all the research you found in previous research like who your target market is, what your industry will be, growth in your niche/industry over the last few years, major competitors in your niche or wider industry, suppliers, trade organizations, how long competitors have been around, what their estimated revenue is, and factors currently facing the industry such as laws or scandals.  When you think about competitors, don’t just think about people who sell the same product as you.  If you sell a carved bookcase, don’t just look at people who make carved bookcases but big companies that create metal or plastic bookcases or things that can be used instead of book cases such as the new electronic readers that can effect the need for bookcases in the future.  What a customer can buy instead of your product can greatly effect the sales you currently or could make.  It would be nice to comment again on where you plan to position yourself in your industry to remind the reader and yourself how you are unique from the others in your industry and why your clients will buy from you instead of your direct or indirect competitors.

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