Now that you’ve done your research, both your basic research and your niche marketing research, and you’ve decided how much time and money you will commit to your online business, you’ve found out what is missing in your niche or what/how you can provide something to your audience that will set you apart from your competitors.  Now you need to decide on your brand.  Your brand online is your reputation.  It’s what comes to mind when your brand name or personal name comes up.  In the online market, and offline as well, your reputation is everything and making sure your reputation is in line with your slogan is everything to the modern customer.  If you don’t provide what you say you will, your customers will tell everyone online and your bottom line will suffer.

I’m still learning about branding so I won’t pretend to tell you how to brand yourself and your online business.  Here are some sites I suggest you look at to learn how to prepare everything about your business for the online community.

This is an article about the 5 things to do before building a personal brand which I think is explained very simply.  It’s easy to follow but you need to think a lot on the questions to get a good brand that will be accurate and stand out from everyone else.

Here is a website designed to help businesses with their marketing decisions starting at branding and market positioning.  It is designed to give general answers to questions so you’ll buy the copyrighted marketing program but it does have some useful articles to give you ideas on marketing.  I haven’t tried the service the site is selling but it does look to be good value, depending on your monthly budget.

Here is a site I like about how to set up marketing things like branding, positioning, strategy, and sales process.  The site is aimed at selling a consulting business but it has a lot of good articles on their blog.

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