Now that you have your basic idea written down, you need to do some basic market research.  Go online and Google your main keywords, the main topic you chose or a few topics or subtopics you are deciding upon.  Look at the websites that come up.  You should have a paper and pen, or a blank document on your computer open, to take notes as you go.  How do they present the information the visitor is probably looking for?  What do you like about their website or presentation or how they create their product and show it off.  What do you not like about what you find or what can’t you find?

Be careful when you find a topic with very little information on it or only poorly presented information.  Although you may have found that one niche no one has thought of that will make you rich in less than a year, it’s not likely.  The internet is a big place with thousands or millions of people trying to make money.  If you find a topic or a niche with very few products or information on it, the topic probably doesn’t have much money coming towards it.  Almost everything has been tried online and finding an unidentified niche that is ready to boom is unlikely.  If you think you’ve found that niche, I would suggest writing articles on it first.  Create a profile on a site like Squidoo and write a number of articles on your undiscovered niche.  If you get a lot of views than it is possible that you did find a brand new niche that will make you wealthy.  Now you know that there is enough interest to try and make a full time income in that niche.
What you want to discover about your chosen topic is how other people make money on that topic and how you can do it better or different than everyone else.  One last thing to think about when you do your research is that you don’t want too big of a topic.  Instead of writing about dogs, every breed and problem, you might want to look at a specific breed or a problem.  How you train one dog breed can be very different than how you would train another breed to do something else.  You wouldn’t breed a husky bought for dogsled races the same as you would train a sheep dog meant for a farm or an dog meant to be an assistance dog for the handicapped.  If you wrote about dogs you can write about all of those topics but it could quickly get overwhelming.  I’d suggest choosing one small topic and writing articles on the other topics you want to write about.  That way you can get advertising revenue from broader topics or interesting facts you learn but keep your site and brand focused on one smaller topic.  It helps to keep your audience from getting bored and targeted enough to sell products to or recommend other products to.

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